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Liberation Tax For Diaspora Within Africa

$50.00 / year$500.00 / 10 years

Tax payment by African diaspora  living outside the national territorial boundaries of Ambazonia. You can pay for more than a year by increasing the quantity below!

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In a determined effort to support the liberation struggle of Ambazonia, the Liberation Tax for Diaspora within Africa plays a crucial role. This tax is specifically aimed at Ambazonians living across the African continent, ensuring that they contribute to the collective effort for freedom and self-determination.

Purpose and Importance

The Liberation Tax is designed to fund essential activities that drive the liberation movement. These include advocacy, defense, international diplomacy, and various initiatives aimed at achieving independence for Ambazonia. By contributing to this tax, members of the diaspora within Africa help sustain the momentum of the movement, ensuring that the struggle for liberation continues to gain strength and international recognition.

Compliance and Civic Duty

Ambazonians aged 21 and above residing in African countries are required to pay this tax. Compliance with this obligation is not just a legal requirement but a moral duty that underscores the collective responsibility of every Ambazonian to support the liberation cause. The funds collected are critical for maintaining the activities and operations that are central to the struggle.

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